Claw A2 Retro Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

CLAW (Consumer Lifestyle Accessories Worldwide), a company known for its headphones and Bluetooth speakers has launched Claw A2 Retro Portable Bluetooth speaker in India. Carrying a look of old CRT TV, this speaker is available on Flipkart at Rs. 990 and Amazon at Rs. 790.

The Claw A2 features a plastic build with matte finish weighing just 95 grams. It is quite sturdy and feels compact to hold. The base of the speaker has stripe-like rubber protruding to provide stable support. So portability wise, it’s great for just dropping it in your bag and not really worry about it.

Design and connectivity

The front side sports a grill-like design inside which the speaker is placed. The little antenna on top adds some cute factor. On the right side, we have the power button, which also supports other functionalities like Play/pause. The opposite side has a micro USB port for charging covered with a rubber flap. 

The procedure to connect your Bluetooth speaker with your mobile phone is the same and easy as any other device. Until the speaker is connected, you’ll see a blue color LED flickering around the power button. Also, it has a microphone that allows you to take calls on the speaker itself whether your phone is connected through Bluetooth. 

Specification you should know

  • 1000mAh battery
  • 5 hours of music playback
  • Bluetooth version 4.2
  • built-in microphone to take calls.
  • 3W powerful driver and enhanced bass resonator.


As you can see above the output is rated at 3W, which is loud enough to fill a small room. I found the high frequencies to be sharp, the mid was a bit average, and the lower end was solid. The audio quality on high volume isn’t as great as it is on lower levels, and the output felt a bit muffled.

But at this price point, it is still decent enough. Having said that, for those who care about good quality sound, this might not be the right choice, and you are better off with expert brands in this space.


At the price point, the Claw A2 Retro Portable Bluetooth speaker is a good product with a decent sound and nice build quality. Again, one cannot complain about the sound quality, considering the price point. If you can spend more, there are plenty of other options available from the brands with audio forte. You can get it from and Flipkart.


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