The CLAW G9 attempts to make its own mark in the “gaming earphones” market with a detachable boom microphone.

There are hundreds of options in the entry-level budget segment of earphones. The entry-level is usually around the 1k and below price bracket. Priced at Rs 1,490, the CLAW G9 tries to sell itself in the “gaming” earphones market by offering a detachable boom mic in addition to the in-line microphone, essentially dual-microphones although they don’t function simultaneously.

The CLAW G9 gaming earphones have a comfortable design. Image: tech2/Abhijit Dey

You should know that this isn’t a unique product. There are a few other options from different brands that carry a similar detachable microphone with a slightly different design. However, I got to try out the CLAW G9 and here are some of the important takeaways to help you decide whether you need such a product.

Comfort and design: Works well for long-gaming sessions

Gaming sessions can go on for hours and in those use-cases, comfort is an important factor. The CLAW G9 comes with a dual-flange design for the ear tips or earbuds. It ensures a more snug fit in your ear canal. However, everyone’s ears aren’t the same and it may not even fit your ear. To tackle that problem, the company packs two extra pairs of single-flange ear tips. All the ear tips are made of silicone, although not of premium quality but that would be asking for too much at this price. It’s already good to have options included in the package. You can switch out the ear tips based on the ones that fit properly in your ear. There are ear hooks attached on both sides that further enhance a comfortable fit and prevent the earphones from falling out.

The ear hooks on each earpiece ensure a snug fit into your ear canals. Image: tech2/Abhijit Dey

I used these earphones for over a week for games, music, podcasts and even TV shows. Although the earpiece looks chunky, it didn’t feel heavy in my ears after playing PUBG Mobile or watching a TV show for nearly an hour. This bit is subjective and it can vary in your experience. I found the dual-flange ear tips to fit better in my ears that also ensures better passive noise cancellation than the other ear tips.

The detachable mic has a flexible boom arm that can be adjusted to your favorite position. Both the mic and headphone jack connectors are gold-plated, which means they have better durability. Speaking of durability, the cables are rugged that could actually survive rough usage. It’s way better than the regular plastic cables you find on earphones in this range.

It comes with two extra pairs of ear tips and a PC adapter. Image: tech2/Abhijit Dey

Audio and microphone quality: Average for gaming, detachable mic is good

The next important aspect is audio quality and since this one has a special microphone, its quality also has to be considered. During my time in several other mobile games including Asphalt 9: Legends and Call of Duty: Mobile, I didn’t have much to complain. Whenever I did, I’d be reminded of its price. It’s decent enough for multiplayer games while you’re communicating with your teammates over voice chat. Stereo separation is good and you will be able to pin-point the direction of in-game sounds like gunshots. I didn’t enjoy the audio quality of mobile games that have soothing music like Alto’s Odyssey.

Intended for both platforms, I majorly used the CLAW G9 with mobile devices. It also comes with a PC adapter that splits the audio-out and mic-in channels into separate connectors. Again, the audio quality was average at best on titles including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and PUBG.

The CLAW G9 can be used for long gaming sessions. Image: tech2/Abhijit Dey

I observed that the lows weren’t strong enough to make explosion sounds and gunshots feel immersive. They felt weak and could have had some more punch to them. Music listening was also average and I found the mids to be flat, and as observed earlier, the lows were weak.

The detachable microphone is surprisingly good and after using it, the extra mic suddenly made sense. I tried it out in a noisy environment and the boom mic was successful in eliminating most of the background noise. My voice didn’t sound shrill and had good reverb to it, even over voice chat. You notice the stark difference in mic quality when you use the in-line microphone. The volume and quality suddenly drastically drops. I was highly impressed with the boom mic while playing on both PC and mobile devices.

Verdict: Worthy only if you need a better mic

If you’re heavily invested in playing games for an hour or two every day, only then it makes sense to actually consider going for such a niche product. You could play games with any other pair of earphones in this price range and you wouldn’t really notice the difference in audio quality. However, if you want better voice chat quality and you’re considering to kickstart your mobile gameplay streaming hobby, the CLAW G9 could be your best choice that’s currently selling at Rs 990.


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