CLAW G9 Review: Be A Part of the Game

Gaming on smartphones, using bulky over-the-ear headphones with a mic, can actually be irritating, especially in a hot and humid country like ours. To make things better, homegrown CLAW, which stands for Consumer Lifestyle Accessories Worldwide, has come up with the G9 earphones that have been designed and optimized to help gamers feel lighter and relaxed. Retailing at Rs 990, the G9 gaming earphones with dual microphone for mobile, PCs and consoles, comes in Black, Green and Red color options. Let’s get into the detail of this product to find out how worthy it is for gamers.

Design and Features

The ergonomically-designed CLAW G9 is as portable as earphones essentially are, totally different from the regular gaming headsets which are quite bulky. The 1.2m cable that it offers is very strong and heavy-duty owing to textured TPE material, which is also rigid enough to not get knotted easily when you carry it around in a bag or pocket. The CLAW G9 offers two pairs of ear tips in the box, besides the dual flange ear tips that the earphones have on by default. The ear tips combined with the ear wings will keep you comfortable for multiple hours of gaming.

Claw G9 Dual Driver Gaming Earphones

The earphones feature 10 mm, drivers. There are two mic options – one is the default in-line mic attached to the left earphone cable, which works quite well for calls and regular use. For additional clarity, there’s an additional gaming microphone bundled, better suited for communication during multiplayer gaming sessions. Also, included is a 3.5mm to 2 x 3.5mm adapter for connection to desktop PCs.

Although this device is better suited for gaming on the go, the CLAW G9 is not restricted to that purpose only. You can also use this for listening to music and while watching a movie. Thanks to its dual flange ear tips and ear wings, it doesn’t awkwardly fall off the ears.

Functionalities and Performance

Just like other earphones, the CLAW G9 offers a multi-function button that allows you to control actions such as Play/Pause, Answer/Reject, Previous/Next Track and even brings up Voice Assistant. The dual flange ear-tips offer superior noise isolation keeping you focused on the game by obstructing all outside distractions while the silicone ear hook design ensures a secure fit in your ears. The 10 mm drivers produce immersive 3D stereo sound with enhanced bass which helps in gaming scenarios so you can hear footsteps, gunshots allowing you to know exactly where your enemy is located at all times.

Although the earphones produce crisp and clear sound, they are quite loud overall. The company seems to have given a priority to the highs at the cost of sacrificing the mids and lows, which seems unfortunate since the earphones end up being useful only in the context of playing intense shooters or in multiplayer gaming.


The CLAW G9 looks pretty decent, in terms of design and justifies its price with its unique features as standalone gaming earphones. It’s something you cannot ignore.


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